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"Law Academy Bhopal" is a Specialized Coaching Institute for Law.

We are dedicated to Judicial Services Examinations. At Law Academy Bhopal we are committed to providing our students with the most qualified and experienced faculty. A career in judicial services is a sought-after profession with great social recognition and a high pedestal in social life. The responsibilities that are discharged by judges are often correlated with noble functions considering the impact their actions have on the lives of the citizens. The wide-ranging syllabi prescribed for taking of Judicial Services Examinations by various states many times perplex the prospective candidates who are law graduates without any experience of advocacy or legal practice. Even those who are pursuing a legal profession or are currently into other fields/disciplines/services also find it difficult to devise a pragmatic approach for preparation to take up these examinations and manage their time.

During one year of interactive study and discussion, students on the course will be introduced to a variety of different fields within the discipline. Students will be given an early insight into life as a Law student at the academy. The overall aim of this academy is to provide aspirants with an initial advantage as they start their journey towards becoming a Judge, Public Prosecutor, etc.

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