Kirti Shukla Selection Law Academy Bhopal MP – Home | Best Law Academy in Bhopal

Kirti Shukla Selection Law Academy Bhopal MP – Home | Best Law Academy in Bhopal


Surendra Sir is founder of MP most successful coaching.

Only coaching which gave 10 civil judges in one single exam.

Civil judge

It is biggest selection number ever in India.










































Best Law Academy in Bhopal


Cool Number

Most Successful and Experienced Faculty

Surendra Sir

Surendra Sir cleared all Civil judge and ADJ Exam past 5 yeats

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My dear students new batch for 252 Civil judges has started.

Best of Luck for your brightest future ahead.

All the Best

Our Mission

Dear Aspirants,                                                       
In the present world of tough competition for every student to be the best is the path to great success.

We should learn to embrace the journey to pass all hurdles . Bringing our dreams to reality.

There is a great saying the more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in battle which goes perfectly for prestigious examination like Judiciary.

I wish all aspirants to believe and love whatever you do. Keep pushing harder and keep winning.

Bring out your ultimate potential and keep challenging yourself to push the limits to become a winner.

Here in Law academy we make, we teach judiciary aspirants to push limits and bring ultimate potential. Which ensures sucess.

In passed years Law academy made 7 sucessful civil judges and 10 ADPO in a single exam which shows great potential aspirants reached.

I wish success and bright future to all aspirants. Good luck

Best Wishes

Surendra Singh

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